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NOTE: If you purchase the self-paced/evergreen course access you will get access to 2 modules in the first 2 weeks which are delivered in the refund period. If you feel like it's not for you then you must email us at [email protected] within that time to request a refund. Once the refund period is over the remaining 6 modules will be released.

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Brand Builder's Academy (Self Paced)


What you'll get:

  • Learn how to run your business like a business, stop the excuses and do what you need to build a solid and profitable business
  • Learn how to scale your business so you're not trading hours for dollars, reposition your brand and charge more for you services.

When you learn how to go after what you want, be proactive, charge well and attract the right clients with your brand of awesome sauce - everything else falls into place!


With my coaching clients experiencing serious success, playing a bigger game in their business and getting the results they want, I know that the strategies you’ll learn in this program work. You have the power to transform your business and mindset for success as well.
I wholeheartedly want you to feel confident and excited to make this investment in yourself — that’s why I offer a 14-day money-back guarantee from the date of purchase.

If, after 14 days in the course, you decide that it’s not for you, I’ll refund your complete enrolment payment minus any fees (paid to third parties like PayPal or Stripe) – no questions asked and absolutely no hard feelings. I’m here to support you and if I’m not for you then that’s okay as well. 

NOTE: If you purchase the self-paced/evergreen course access you will get access to 3 modules in the first 14 days which are delivered in the refund period. If you feel like it's not for you then you must email us at [email protected] within that time to request a refund.

Once the refund period is over all remaining 6 modules will be released.

- Please note that refund requests made after 14 days from the date of purchase will be declined.

What People Are Saying:

Once I joined Brand Builder's Academy, I think one of the main shifts for me was the confidence in my business and knowing what to say to people and how to present myself and my brand online. I really love the way that Suz's brand is represented online and everywhere that you see her online. She's always the same and I just really love that about her and I wanted that same feeling for my brand. I wanted my clients to feel the same way that I feel about Suz's brand. One of the biggest realisations for me during the course is probably the fact that you just have to get out there and do it and not wait for everything to be perfect because it's never going to be perfect. I think that I'm such a perfectionist and such a people pleaser that I always want to make sure that I do the right thing. At the end of the day, if you just get something up there it's probably pretty good and you can still tweet that, it's not the end of the world, it's not set in stone. I think that was probably the biggest shift for me, just to have the confidence to actually just have a go and having someone holding my hand and the other people in the group as well supporting me throughout that. My favourite thing about the course and working with Suzanne and the rest of the participants was really about knowing that there was that online platform that I could get on at any time during the day or night and just say where I was at at that particular moment with everything. I was actually travelling for half of the course so I was finding that I felt like I was really behind everybody else in the course. I think Suz had put up a video at one point where I was really feeling very stuck and she said, “You're exactly where you need to be.” I think that just made me feel very relieved in knowing that I was where I needed to be and even if I was a module behind or hadn't quite worked out the answer to one of the questions that I was still where I needed to be in the journey. I think that this course is really for anyone in business that wants to really get out there and have a bigger brand online and to play a bigger game. They might be … I mean, I guess ideally it would be at the start of the business, when you're starting off your business because then you're really going to have everything nailed from the get go. Even if you are two years, five years, 10 years down the business track you're still going to learn something and you're still going to be able to make some huge improvements to your business and to your brand. I really think that it could probably be for anyone at any level in their business but certainly it would be very beneficial for someone that was starting out.

Sam McFarlane - Sam Says

I left corporate life a few months ago to go out on my own under my own brand name. A friend had told me that Suz was THE expert when it came to branding yourself and so I signed up for her course on the spot. Suz’s BBA program was brilliant – it was super clear what the content was to learn each week, what steps we had to take each week to get clear about our branding and the BBA community was so supportive in helping each other – led the entire way by Suz. Suz is one of the most passionate, knowledgeable and generous people I’ve come across in my career. It’s been a privilege to work with her!

Tina Paterson - Consultant