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The Ultimate Mini-Course for Non-Sucky, Creative (and Surprisingly Fun!) Selling Strategies That *Actually* Convert!

Once you go through the Sell More Mini (not so mini) course you'll:

💸Have clear strategies to take so you can start making better offers straight away
💸 Know how to share what you have in a fun and engaging way with your community and potential clients
💸Know if you have a lead strategy that works
💸Feel more confident (forget salesy or sleazy) to make the offer
💸Know what actions to take on a regular basis to that it starts to feel normal and good
💸Be able to plan your marketing & sales out in a strategic way so you can get more sales in the door
💸Have a process in place to make to sell with a structure you can measure
💸Start having more fun when you do sell with better results!

Solid planning plus supercharging your sales is the perfect combo! Grab it now

Your Best Year Yet Planning Toolkit

You can only grow when you know what's working and then where you want to go from here!

It's time to step into your full planner power and start setting aside time to review your business, dive deep and see what's working and what isn't. 

In this product I'll share how to: 

Review your business in an in-depth way

Plan how to forecast your income for the year ahead 

Connect with people who will help you reach your goals! 

Pinpoint the right products & services for success

Know when the best time to market and sell is for you specifically

Plus, I'll walk you through the review and planner in a step-by-step video so that you can get the most out of it. 

You'll also get access to the incredible financials and marketing Google Sheet where you can plan out your sales, marketing, content and more!

What People Are Saying:

You should be charging so much more for this, it's amazing! I use it every year and it's asked me questions that I've not thought to ask myself in my business before. I think every business should work through questions like this, it would make such a difference.

Karen Hollenbach - LinkedIn Coach

"The YBYY guide has been such a helpful tool, not only to plan for the year ahead but to review what worked and what didn't work previously. This planner has been an essential tool for my business planning and the fact that it is so beautifully designed actually makes you want to complete it! It's definitely something I'll keep reflecting back on. A must-have for any entrepreneur wanting to play a bigger game."

Sam McFarlane - Social Media Manager